Hudson Regional Mosquito Control

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will the mosquitoes be bad this season?
A: This question is impossible to answer. Mosquito abundance is dependent upon environmental factors such as temperature and rainfall. Unless you can accurately predict these factors for the entire season, you cannot forecast mosquito abundance.

Q: I do not live in Hudson County.  How do I contact my local mosquito control agency?
A: Call the DEP hotline: 1-888 NO NJ WNV (1-888-666-5968) to find the number for your county agency.

Q: Do mosquito traps work?
A: Most mosquito traps utilize some sort of attractant to lure mosquitoes into them. This may actually attract more mosquitoes to your yard than before. While the traps are capable of collecting large numbers of mosquitoes, it may not be enough to cause a significant reduction in the mosquito population. See the Homeowner Information page to find out ways to reduce mosquitoes around your home.

Q: What are my chances of getting West Nile virus?
A: Very small. First, you must be bitten by an infective mosquito. Only a small percentage of mosquitoes are infective. Then, even if you are exposed to the virus, there is only a slight chance that you will get sick from the virus. If you do get sick, less than 1% of infected people will develop severe illness.